Welcome to my personal website !

I hold a Full Professor position at the Department of Applied Statistic, Operations Research and Quality, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain).

I am the coordinator of the PhD programme in Statistic and Optimization (holding the Honourable Mention from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology).

Currently, I teach an undergraduate course on Statistics for Biomedical Engineers and two master courses for Chemical Engineers on Quality Control and Experimental Design for Process Optimization. I also teach two master courses on Analysis, Monitoring and Diagnosis of Multivariate Processes and data mining, intergrated in the Master programme. For more information, please visit the Teaching section.

I am group leader of the Multivariate Statistical Engineering Group, devoted to research, development & innovation activities in the area of multivariate statistical techniques for quality and productivity improvement and mega database analysis. For more information, please visit the Research section.

I have been Associate Editor of Technometrics (2008-2010) and member of the Editorial Board of Quality Engineering (since 2006). 


Contact Information

Professor Alberto J. Ferrer-Riquelme
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Department of Applied Statistics, Operations Research and Quality

Camino de Vera s/n, Edificio 7A, 46022 Valencia (SPAIN)
Phone: +34 96 3877493
Fax:     +34 96 3877499
e-mail: aferrer@eio.upv.es