March 2019: the project THOR ( has started! The kick-off meeting was held at AMOLF ( on March 12-13 (see team photo below). This FET-Open project will develop THz detectors working at room-temperature by using molecular optomechanics in plasmonic cavities.

      February 2019: our collaboration with the Photonics Research Group at the Ghent University (Belgium) on SERS measurement in isolated plasmonic nanoantennas integrated in silicon chips has been finally released in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics on Quantum Electronics! See the paper here.


      December 2018: Our work on the generalization of the optical chirality in dispersive and lossy media has been selected as one of the most interesting research results in optics and photonics in 2018 in the December issue of OSA Optics and Photonics News!! See the paper here.

      November 2018: Our perspective on polarimetry enabled by nanophotonics has just been released in Science, the full work can be found here!


      October 2018: our collaboration with IMN-CNM (Madrid) CSIC-UPV/EHU and DIPC (San SebastiŠn) on a novel spintronic mechanism for modulation of mid-infrared waves has just been published in ACS Photonics, see the full paper here!!


      July 2018: we have obtained a full analytical description of the optical chirality in dispersive and lossy media, which can be of paramount importance when studying chirality and chiral spectroscopy in plasmonic and metamaterial systems. Our paper has been published in Physical Review Letters and it is highlighted as Editorsí Suggestion!!


      June 2018: our paper on the coherent control of a plasmonic nanoantenna integrated in a silicon chip has been just published in ACS Photonics. The full paper can be found here!!

      March 2018: our paper on the natural emergence of the spin-orbit interaction of light in nanoscale sources has been already published in Physical Review A, check it here!


      May 2017: Using spin-orbit interaction of light, we have demonstrated the smallest polarimeter ever. It works non-destructively, locally and optimally, and, what is more important, it is implemented on a silicon chip. The publication in Nano Letters can be seen here.


      April 2017: In collaboration with ICN2 (Barcelona, Spain) we report in Nature Communications how to create chaotic signals in a silicon optomechanical cavity. See the full paper here.

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      December 2016: The use of plasmonics, metamaterials and nanoantenna concepts on silicon photonics may lead to advanced hybrid photonic integrated circuits (figure below), see our Topical Review published in Journal of Optics here.



      September 2016. My research group will participate in the FET-Open project PHENOMEN, which will address phonon-based processing using silicon optomechanical cavities. The Kick-off meeting was held last week at ICN2 premises, see the details here.


      June 2016: the 5th edition of the Spanish Conference in Nanophotonics (CEN2016) has been successfully hold in Valencia, letís see the details here:


      April 2016. We have measured, for the first time, a single plasmonic nanoantenna embedded on a silicon waveguide to achieve a full excitation of the plasmonic resonance. Below we show a scheme of the proposed structure, SEM images of fabricated samples and experimental measurements. The results have been published in Optics Express, see details here.



      November 2015. A recoil force via circularly-polarized light published in Nature Communications!! See details here (and the published erratum here).


      September 2014. We have published a paper in ACS Photonics demonstrating a photonic chip that can resolve the spin of handedness of an incoming optical wave. Check the full paper here.


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       We have got the Front cover of the Laser and Photonics Reviews May issue!! Get the full paper here

     We have published in New Journal of Physics a new method in the way towards 3D isotropic transformation optics. Get the full paper here. ††