Borja Vidal

Associate Professor, PhD (UPV), SMIEEE


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Department: Communications

Research Institute: Nanophotonics Technology Center

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Research interests:

Dr. Vidal’s research focuses mainly on Microwave and Terahertz Photonics. In particular:

· Fiber-based THz sensing systems and components for industrial applications: Sensing in the THz range opens up new possibilities in a wide range of applications (non-destructive testing of composites, semiconductor, biological samples…).

· Photonic-assisted wireless links: Optical technology can be used to generate, distribute and process wireless signals even reaching carrier frequencies difficult to obtain with other technologies such as sub-THz bands.

· Nonlinear generation and processing of THz signals: Inorganic and organic crystals can be used to generate THz signals reaching high intensity. These can be used to control and manipulate different materials.

· Optical beamforming: Photonics brings new functions to antenna array systems such as long delays, beam-squint-free ultrabroadband operation and antenna remoting through optical beamforming.






Borja Vidal is an Associate Professor of Telecommunications Engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Dr. Vidal is member of the Nanophotonics Technology Center leading the activities related to Microwave and Terahertz Photonics.

He has authored or coauthored over 80 journal and conference publications. He holds two patents. Dr. Vidal has worked in several regional, national, EU and ESA-funded projects. He was granted the IEEE Lasers & Electro-Optics Society (LEOS) Graduate Student Fellowship in 2004.





Contact Information:


Telephone: +34 96387700 ext 88112

Fax:                 +34 963877827

Email:            bvidal@dcom.upv.es

Location:      Nanophotonics Technology Center

                          8F Building, Second floor, Office 7

                           Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

                           Camino de Vera, sn, 46022 Valencia, SPAIN