Improving Offline Narrowing-Driven Partial Evaluation using Size-Change Graphs

Gustavo Arroyo. J.Guadalupe Ramos, Josep Silva, and Germán Vidal
International Symposium on Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation (LOPSTR'06), Venezia (Italy).

Recently, an offline approach to narrowing-driven partial evaluation (a partial evaluation scheme for first-order functional and functional logic programs) has been introduced. In this approach, program annotations (i.e., the expressions that should be generalized at partial evaluation time to ensure termination) are based on a simple syntactic characterization of quasi-terminating programs. This work extends the previous offline scheme by introducing a new annotation strategy which is based on a combination of size-change graphs and binding-time analysis. Preliminary experiments point out that the number of program annotations is drastically reduced compared to the previous approach.

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Germán Vidal