The R+D Group MiST (MultI-paradigm Software Technology)

Project LEVITY (LightwEight Verification and debugging for Improving software securiTY)

January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2012 (4 years)


The global aim of this project is the development of novel foundations and applications of rigorous software technologies that contribute to the expressivity, reliability, security and performance of software systems and programming languages.

Our work will be mainly centered along the following four broad lines of research: From a scientific and methodological point of view, the project covers (in a well balanced way) both theoretical aspects about the foundations of the new proposals and practical aspects leading to their effective implementation.

This project constitutes a natural evolution of previous coordinated efforts by the three participating research teams. They all have a considerable expertise in R+D projects focused on the areas of multi-paradigm programming languages and rigorous software development technologies, broad fields in which Spanish research has a solid international position.

Coordinated project

Members of the research group (UPV subproposal)

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