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University: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia-Escuela Politécnica Superior de Gandia

Name of Sponsoring Professor: Jaime Lloret Mauri

Department: Comunicaciones


We are using OPNET for research and educational purposes


Our proposal is based on the creation of a group of sensors with the same functionality in the network. There is a central sensor that limits the zone where the sensors from the same group will be placed, but their functionality will be the same that the rest of the sensors.

When there is an event in one sensor, this event is sent to all sensors in its group. All nodes in a group know all information of their group. Border sensors are those sensors of the border of the group, and they have connections with border sensors from other groups as it is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1. Topology example

Border sensors are used to send information to other groups or to receive information from other groups and distribute it inside. When a sensor has to send some information to its group and to neighbouring groups, the information is forwarded using Reverse Path Forwarding (RPF) Algorithm (each group has one RPF), but when the information has to be sent to other groups only, the information is routed directly to the border sensor closest to that group. When the sensor from the neighbour group receives that information, it routes it to all nodes in its group. Because the system is based on groups, the information is forwarded very fast to other groups (the information is routed through the shortest path to the border area sensor).

Connections between border sensors from different groups are established as a function of their available processing capacity, their available number of connections, their available power or because a neighbour sensor failure.

Examples where this architecture proposal could be used are for agriculture purposes to detect plagues and to propagate it to neighbouring areas, or for military purposes to propagate information between neighbouring squads.

Figure 2. Logical view of the proposed architecture.


OPNET, which is one of the best network simulators, is being used in Networking practices of several subjects, such as Local Area Networks and Integration Systems, in the Technical Engineering in Telecommunications School. These practices train the students to simulate many type of networks with different type of routing protocols.