Multicomponent MR Image Denoising

Magnetic Resonance images are normally corrupted by random noise from the measurement process complicating the automatic feature extraction and analysis of clinical data. It is because of this reason that denoising methods have been traditionally applied to improve MR image quality. Many of these methods use the information of a single image without taking into consideration the intrinsic multicomponent nature of MR images. In this paper we propose a new filter to reduce random noise in multicomponent MR images by spatially averaging similar pixels using information from all available image components to perform the denoising process. The proposed algorithm also uses a local Principal Component Analysis decomposition as a post-processing step to remove more noise by using information not only in the spatial domain but also in the inter-component domain dealing in a higher noise reduction without significantly affecting the original image resolution. The proposed method has been compared with similar state of art methods over synthetic and real clinical multicomponent MR images showing an improved performance in all cases analyzed.

Details can be found in:

Manjón J.V., Thacker N.A., Lull J.J., Garcia-Martí G., Martí-Bonmatí L., Robles M. Multicomponent MR Image Denoising. International Journal of Biomedical imaging. vol 2009. Article ID 756897. 2009.

Demo data and the source code of the proposed method can be found here.

Version 1.0. (September 2009)