MRI Inhomogeneity Correction

MR images are commonly affected by signal inhomogeneities  that hampers the obtention of quantitative information from them. In the last years, the correction of this inhomogeneity (also referred as bias correction)  has gain a great attention and numerous methods has been developed.

In this page we present a new proposed method that automatically removes such inhomogeneity from MR images in a robust and no parametric way. The proposed method models the bias field with a combination of spline-based low frequency basis functions. The coefficients of such basis functions are locally obtained from the data itself using a multiresolution approach with a minimum intensity-gradient entropy criteria.

Details can be found in:

Manjón J.V., Lull J.J., Carbonell-Caballero J., García-Martí G., Martí-Bonmatí L., Robles M. A nonparametric MRI inhomogeneity correction method. Medical Image Analysis, 11(4): 336-345, 2007.

bias correction example          
Figure 1: Example of the bias correction results.

A video demostration of the algorithm can be found here.

Demo images and the source code of the method can be found here: