DDJ Debugging Tool

Eclipse Algorithmic Debugging is a semi-automatic debugging technique that produces a dialogue between the debugger and the programmer to locate bugs. This technique relies on the programmer having a intended semantics of the program. In other words, some computations of the program are correct and others are wrong with respect to the semantics intended by the programmer.

Algorithmic debuggers shows the actual results of subcomputations and the programmer compares them with what he/she expected. Roughly speaking, the debugger discards parts of the source code associated with correct computations until it isolates a small part of the code (usually a routine). By asking questions to the programmer the system can identify precisely the location of a bug.

DDJ is a modern implementation of an algorithmic debugger for Java. It integrates many sophisticated strategies and transformations to

Open source

The plugin is distributed as open source under the BSD open source license. Any redistribution of any software that contains or makes use of this plugin must retain the same BSD open source license.


We greatly thank any feedback from the users of the plugin. Any contribution that can help us to improve the usability or performance of the plugin is highly appreciated. Please report your feedback to jsilva@dsic.upv.es.

Made in the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

This software has been designed and implemented in the computer science labs of the UPV.