Welcome to my personal website!


I fell in love with programming when I first discovered Minecraft and its modding community, way back in 2013. At that point I had decided I wanted to create my own mods, this encouraged me to learn Java on my own.

A couple of years later when I was about to start University I had clear what I wanted to study, Computer Engineering. Having previous experience with Java helped me get good grades during the first years, which allowed me to join the Erasmus programme. During my stay in Ireland, I met Albert who introduced me to Kotlin, which had recently released version 1.0. Since that moment it focused on learning the ins and outs of this new and fantastic programming language.

The next year, and last of my bachelors degree, I put into practice all I had learned about Kotlin, to develop an internal website for the company where I did my internship. For that project I also learned TypeScript and used the Vuejs framework.

Fast-forward to today and I just finished a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering, Formal Methods and Information Systems, where I met professor Germán Vidal who introduced me to a new programming language: Erlang, the language I will be using in my doctoral thesis about Causal-Consistent Reversible Debugging, that he will also supervise.

PS: Also if it was not clear from the beginning, I like videogames a lot 😁


  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Erlang
  • Functional Programming
  • Reversible Debugging