Sergio Baselga Moreno


Associate professor

Dpt. Cartographic Engineering, Geodesy and Photogrammetry
School of Engineering in Geodesy, Cartography and Surveying
Universitat Politècnica de València
Camino de Vera, s/n, 46022 Valencia, SPAIN

Membership / affiliation:

Associate Editor of Journal of Surveying Engineering
Editorial Board Member of GPS Solutions
Academic Editor of Mathematical Problems in Engineering
Topic Editor of Applied Sciences
International Association of Geodesy (IAG)
American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


Physics, B.Sc., 2016

Geodesy and Cartography, Ph.D., 2003
Geodesy and Cartography, Engineer, 2000
Surveying, Technical Engineer, 1998

Research interests:

Length metrology

GNSS algorithms

Geodetic and surveying networks

Deformation monitoring

Adjustment theory
Robust estimation

Map projections
Optimization problems in cartographic sciences


Map projections
GPS. Space geodesy
Adjustment of surveying observations
Surveying methods
Network design
Geovisualization and 3D modelling

Selected research publications:

2021    Baselga, S. Two Conformal Projections for Constant-Height Surface to Plane Mapping, Journal of Surveying Engineering, 147(2): 06020004 (7 pp.) DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)SU.1943-5428.0000345

            Baselga, S. Optimising 2-parameter Lambert Conformal Conic projections for ground-to-grid distortions, Survey Review, DOI: 10.1080/00396265.2020.1797339

            Débarbat, S.V., García-Asenjo, L., Baselga, S., Garrigues, P., Navarro, X. Recovering the Vestiges of the Old Meridian Arc of Paris in the Valencian Community (Spain), Journal of Surveying Engineering, DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)SU.1943-5428.0000357

            Klein, I., Suraci, S.S., de Oliveira, L.C., Rofatto, V.F. Matsuoka, M.T., Baselga, S. An attempt to analyse iterative data snooping and L1-norm based on Monte Carlo simulation in the context of leveling networks, Survey Review, DOI: 10.1080/00396265.2021.1878338

            García-Asenjo L, Baselga S, Atkins C, Garrigues P. Development of a Submillimetric GNSS-Based Distance Meter for Length Metrology. Sensors, 21: 1145 (21 pp.) DOI: 10.3390/s21041145


2020     Di Stefano, F., Cabrelles, M., García-Asenjo, L., Lerma, J.L., Malinverni, E.S., Baselga, S., Garrigues, P. and Pierdicca, R. Evaluation of long-range Mobile Mapping System (MMS) and close-range photogrammetry for deformation monitoring. The case study of Cortes de Pallás in Valencia (Spain), Applied Sciences, 10(19): 6831.

            Baselga, S. A combined estimator using TEC and b-value for large earthquake prediction. Acta Geodaetica et Geophysica, 55: 63–82.

            Baselga, S., Klein, I., Suraci, S.S., de Oliveira, L.C., Matsuoka, M.T., Rofatto, V.F. Performance comparison of least squares, iterative and global L1 norm minimization and exhaustive search methods for outlier detection in leveling networks. Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia, 17 - 4, pp. 425 - 438.


2019     Baselga, S. TestGrids: Evaluating and Optimizing Map Projections. Journal of Surveying Engineering, 145(3): 04019004 (8 pp).

Špánik, P., García-Asenjo, L. and Baselga, S. Optimal combination and reference functions of signal-to-noise measurements for GNSS multipath detection. Measurement Science & Technology, 30(4): 044001 (13 pp).


2018     Baselga, S. Fibonacci lattices for the evaluation and optimization of map projections. Computers and Geosciences, 117: 1–8.

Baselga, S. and Rodríguez-Pérez, D. Determination of Volcanic Plume Three-Dimensional Structure Using CHRIS/PROBA-1 Multiangular Imagery: Case Study of Mount Etna. Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2018: 5653910 (9 pp).

             Baselga, S. and Martínez-Llario, J.C. Intersection and point-to-line solutions for geodesics on the ellipsoid. Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, 62(3): 353–363.


2017    García-Asenjo, L., Atkins, C., Baselga, S., Ziebart, M., Garrigues, P. and Luján, R. Submillimetric GNSS Distance Determination with Multipath Mitigation, In: Proc. 6th International Colloquium on Scientific and Fundamental Aspects of GNSS / Galileo, Oct. 25-27, Valencia, Spain.

García-Asenjo, L., Baselga, S. and Garrigues, P. Deformation monitoring of the submillimetric UPV calibration baseline. Journal of Applied Geodesy, 2(11): 107–114.

Palomar-Vázquez, J., Baselga, S., Viñals-Blasco, M.J., García-Sales, C. and Sancho-Espinós, I. Application of a combination of digital image processing and 3D visualization of graffiti in heritage conservation. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 12: 3242.


2015     Baselga, S. Application of robust estimation methods to simple models of nucleon separation energies. Modern Physics Letters A, 24(3): 1550121.

             Baselga, S., García-Asenjo, L. and Garrigues, P. Deformation monitoring and the maximum number of stable points method. Measurement, 70: 2735.


2014    Baselga, S., García-Asenjo, L. and Garrigues, P. Submillimetric GPS distance measurement over short baselines: noise mitigation by global robust estimation. Measurement Science & Technology, 25(10): 105004 (6 pp).

             Baselga, S., García-Asenjo, L. and Garrigues, P. Practical Formulas for the Refraction Coefficient. Journal of Surveying Engineering, 140(2): 6014001 (5 pp).

             Baselga, S. Ambiguity-Free Method for Fast and Precise GNSS Differential Positioning. Journal of Surveying Engineering, 140(1): 2227.


2013     Baselga, S., García-Asenjo, L. and Garrigues, P. Submillimetric GPS distance measurement over short baselines: case study in inner consistency. Measurement Science & Technology, 24(7): 075001 (8 pp).


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2007     Baselga, S. Global Optimization Solution of Robust Estimation. Journal of Surveying Engineering, 133(3): 123128.

Baselga, S. Critical Limitation in Use of t Test for Gross Error Detection. Journal of Surveying Engineering, 133(2): 5255.


2006     Chueca, M., Baselga, S., Berné, J.L. and Maestro, I.C. Uncertainty Modeling in Local Geodetic Networks, in: F. Sansò and A.J. Gil. Geodetic Deformation Monitoring: From Geophysical to Engineering Roles. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.


2005     Berné, J.L. and Baselga, S. Robust Estimation in Geodetic Networks. Física de la Tierra, 17: 722.


2004    Berné, J.L. and Baselga, S. First-Order Design of Geodetic Networks using the Simulated Annealing Method, Journal of Geodesy, 78(1): 4754.


2003     Baselga, S. Adjustment and result interpretation of GPS-terrestrial high precision local networks applying multivariate statistical analysis and robust estimation. UMI ProQuest Digital Dissertations, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Research projects:

Large-scale dimensional measurements for geodesy, funded by EURAMET (EMPIR 2018-H2020), 2019-2022.

Development of methodology and algorithms for GNSS application to high precision absolute distance determination, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, 2012-2015.


TestGrids / SOD-simulated annealing / Exhaustive search / Track and Field / Popular Science

Last update: March 2021