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 My astronomy photographies

 I like astronomy, I use a Celestron  C8 Schmidt-Cassegrain with an aperture of 200 mm, a Skywatcher Matsukov-Cassegrain with an aperture of 127 mm a MEADE ETX70 refractor, a 25x100 binoculars  and a webcam. You can see my equipment here and some examples here.


With my friend Joaquin and our equipment

With my 25x100 binoculars

Preparing the equipment for the observation

Observing the stars...

ETX70 Telescope

MAK 127 telescope

Celestron C8 SC telescope


Cometa McNaught (C/2006 P1)

Tomada con camara comapcta digital Canon IXUS D55 sobre ETX70 y ocular de 25mm el 12 de Enero de 2007 desde Casinos (Valencia)

Jupiter and the four galilean moons. Picture taken the 10th of August of 2006

Equipment: Meade ETX70-ATIK 1C- Barlow Celestron Ultima

"Telescope field" and Orion

Copernicus crater

Plato crater

Clavius crater

Teophilus crater

Gutemberg crater

Pitatus crater

Another view of the moon

A view of the moon

A big mosaic of the moon

An incomplete mosaic of the moon


29-3-2006 Solar eclipse

M13. Globular cluster in Hercules

Equipment: Meade ETX 70 - Meade DSI C Camera

M22. Globular cluster in Sagitarius

Cassiopea constelation photographed with a compact camera

A full moon night in Asturias

The moon

M42-Picture taken with a Isus DX55 compact camera

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