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Welcome to my personal web page. You can find information about my current work, my friends, my hobbies and of course links to my favourites sites on the web.


Currently I am a professor of the Applied Mathematics Department at the Valencia University of technology. I teach a premier course of Linear Algebra for engineers in the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos. My interest is in Numerical Linear Algebra, iterative methods and preconditioning in particular. Recently I obtained the pHd degree with the work entitled métodos numéricos para la resolución de la ecuación de la difusión neutrónica dependiente del tiempo. If you want to know more about my work in the past, take a look at my CV. Click here to see my recent papers.

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Papers and other publications

J. Cerdán, T. Faraj, J. Marín and J. Mas. A block approximate inverse preconditioner for sparse nonsymmetric linear systems. Submitted.
R.Bru, J. Cerdán, J. Marín and J. Mas. Preconditioning sparse nonsymmetric linear systems with the Sherman-Morrison formula, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., Vol. 25(2), pp. 701-715, 2003 R. Bru, D. Ginestar, T. Manteuffel, J. Marín, J. Mas, and G. Verdú. Iterative schemes for the neutron diffusion equation, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, Vol. 44, pp. 1307-1323, 2002.
J. Cerdán, J. Marín and A. Martínez. Polynomial Preconditioners Based on Factorized Sparse Approximate Inverses . Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vol. 133, pp. 171-186, 2002. D. Ginestar, J. Marín and G. Verdú. Multilevel methods to solve the neutron diffusion equation, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol 25/6, pp 463-477,2001.
J. Marín. Métodos numéricos para la resolución de la ecuación de la difusión neutrónica dependiente del tiempo. PhD Thesis. Editorial de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, 2001. ISBN: 84-699-3281-0 M. Benzi, J. Marín and M. Tuma. A Two-Level Parallel Preconditioner Based on Sparse Approximate Inverses, in Iterative Methods in Scientific Computation IV, D. R. Kincaid and A. C. Elster, eds., IMACS Series in Computational and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 5, IMACS, New Brunswick, NJ (1999), pp. 167-178.
C. Corral, I. Giménez, J. Marín and J. Mas. Parallel m-step Preconditioners for the Conjugate Gradient Method, Parallel Computing,Vol. 25, pp. 265--281, 1999. D. Ginestar, G. Verdú, V. Vidal, R.Bru, J. Marín and J.L. Munoz-Cobo. High Order Backward Discretization for the Neutron Diffusion Equation. Ann. Nucl. Energy, 25(1-3):47-64, 1998.

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I'm an entusiastic Linux user, the best OS never seen worldwide!! Currently I have installed Debian. I recomend you Linux, it is robust, fanny and highly supported by thousands of people in the web, ...and it is free software, under the GNU GPL (General Public License)!! View a screenshot.

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I am a member of the group of applied mathematics and parallelism (gMAP) of my department. Our interest is on numerical linear algebra and its application to parallel computing.

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