Click        for a photograph  with Miki Neumann and Ludwig Elsner in August 1988  at Storrs, CT.

Click          for a photograph with  Ludwig Elsner (and his wife),  Jose Mas, Ana Urbano, Robert Fuster, Cristina Corral, Juana Cerdan, at Valencia in  April 1992.

Click          for a photograph with  Pablo Tarazaga, Ion Zaballa, Isabel García, Joan Josep Climent and  José Mas at Pensacola, during the ILAS meeting in 1993.  

Click          and      for two  photographs taken at the  dinner of  AMYA meeting,  in Vitoria, 1994.    
Click          for a photograph with  Marilo (my wife) at "Parque Güell" , Barcelona,  1997.

  Click       for a   photograph taken at Sagunt, with Jan Hauke and someone else, 2001.

Click          for a photograph taken at Perth, WA, with Ventsi Rumchev, 2001.

Click          for a photograph taken at Alaska, during the meeting of American Control Conference in May, 2002.

Click       and     for two photographs with Daniel Szyld and José Marín, and Paco Ribelles and José Marín related to Copper Mountain Iterative Methods Conference, 2004.

Click          for a photograph with fellows from my department at ILAS conference in Coimbra, 2004.

Click          for a photograph with Luca Bergamaschi (first from left), and Angeles Martínez (second from right) and their son Michele. My wife Mariló (first from right) her sister Amalia and her brother in law Ramón (four from right) in Padova, 2005.