Permut: a GAP4 package to deal with permutability (version 0.03)

This is a GAP4 package with functions to identify some properties related to permutability in finite groups. The authors of this package are Adolfo Ballester-Bolinches, Enric Cosme-Llópez, and Ramon Esteban-Romero. This package is distributed under the GNU General Public License (see the manual or the LICENSE file for more details).

To install it, just decompress the file permut-0.03.tar.bz2 file into the directory pkg/ of a GAP directory tree. This package requires that the FORMAT package has been previously installed. Use then
to load it. With
you can get help inside GAP. GAP 4.5.3 or later is needed.

Write to resteban at mat dot upv dot es to send comments or questions about this package.