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Cristóbal Miralles Insa is Associate Professor at the Industrial Engineering School of UPV-Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain). His office is located in the third floor of the Departamento de Organización de Empresas (7D Building). You can see a map here.

                                         He develops his research activities inside ROGLE Group and his main interests are:

            • Social/environmental applications of Operations Management tools, widening the classical profit-oriented approaches (e.g. strategies for disabled integration in the workforce, and recent work on Green Logistics or Humanitarian Logistics)
            • Best practices on manufacturing systems, plant layout, ergonomics and factory organisation
            • Assembly Line Balancing Problems with variable operation times and other realistic features
            • Production Planning/Control and Scheduling
            • Combinatory optimisation and heuristic/metaheuristic solving procedures for Industrial applied problems
            • About lecturing, Values Education in technical studies. Developing of moral dilemmas and other tools to bring ethical attitudes to students
                                                     Educational background    

            • Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, July 2004, UPV, Valencia-Spain
            • M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering, Sept 1999, UPV, Valencia-Spain
            • Graduated in University Pedagogy, July 2007, UPV, Valencia-Spain
                         Main Professional Accomplishments:

            • Chair of EURO Working Group “Ethics and OR” with more than 80 top European OR researchers  
            • Finalist of the 2007 EPA Award (Excellence on Practice Award) where EURO Association recognises the best european OR papers with proposals that had real impact on practice
            • Chosen as one of the two European young OR researchers to attend ELAVIO International Conference granted by EURO and IFORS (Villadeleyba-Colombia, july 2005)
            • Conselleria Valenciana de Benestar Social (Valencian Social Affairs Ministry) Annual Award (2003)
            • Plenary  Keynote tutorial on “Social applications of OR” at ELAVIO International Conference (Petropolis-Brazil, 2007) and plenary sessions at FCA (Celaya-Mexico, 2006) and ECON (Buenos Aires-Argentina, 2007) International Conferences
            • More than 40 communications in international conferences with peer review (25 more in national)     
            • Referee for several international journals (EJOR-European Journal of Operational Research, IJPE-International Journal of Production Economics, IS-Information Sciences and ITOR-International Transactions on Operational Research, DAM-Discrette Applied Mathematics...) and conferences
            • Invited speaker/lecturer for different courses and seminars in more than 20 universities worldwide
                          Professional Associations:

            • ROGLE (Rengineering Operations management, GroupWork and Logistics Excellence)
            • ADINGOR (Spanish Industrial Engineering Management  Society)
            • SEIO ( Spanish Statistics and Operations Research society) federated with EURO, ALIO and IFORS 
            • Foundation for a NEW ETHICAL BUSSINESS
            • GREVOL (Valencian Society for the Ethics application to university studies)
            • RedHEUR (Spanish Excellence Network for Heuristic optimization)




 Cristóbal Miralles Insa